Olivier Brossard

olivier brossard - FAR SKY 01 Olivier Brossard | Hans Lucas

Far Sky

- Why are you so distant?
- I can't hear your voice, sounds metallic. I can't see you now.
  See you... I mean, I'll talk to you later.
- Let's try tomorrow. It's middle of the night you know.
  I woke up to talk to you.   - Love you.

- How are the kids doing? They had school today?
  They don't want to speak to their father.
- How is Chinese food?
- It's your son's birthday today.
- I didn't forget it. I could'nt reach you, that's all.

- We are suffocating in here, even during the night. - I can't sleep.
- I'm thinking of buying a new car.
  Which color do you prefer?

- I can't see you anymore.
  You're like a ghost.

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